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Relax, astonish enjoy the big pool with a cool drink at the bar, relax in a special place and assimilate the striking nature of the Namib perimeter, the oldest desert on earth. For example, let the smallest and trifling in nature astonish you, like our reach bird population as from an ostrich to a tiny honeysuckle. Perhaps you can cross the way of a desert inguana. After the first rain you can experience the frogs came alive as well as our insects, like the big moths with a rolled-up trunk, who wants to share your good South-African redwine at sundowner with you.

Pool with sundowner and full moon

Pool during the day with cloudy sky


family woodpecker

Hiking on marked trails you can enjoy the scenery individually and at your very own pace. You can walk over rock formations in areas up to 1.8 billion years old the time life itself was born on our planet and allow time, space and silence to get to you. Search for the Rooiklip-diamonds (clear quarts crystals). Due to the unchanging climate of the Southwest of Africa a unique flora has developed during millions of years. Sit down at the trunk of the huge aloe or the quiver tree and look at the moringa, commiphora, sterculia etc.

Relax in the shadow of Leopard cave with view to Gamsberg

on top of Rooiklip

in the rivier

Observing the stars for hobby-astronomers and professionals we offer the special opportunity to observe the endless, fantastic starry sky really calmy. A Dobson telescope is to be lease from Intercon Spacetec Augsburg/DE.
Please download the following file ATD-Verleih

Farm drive with an off-road vehicle you can get an overall impression of the Namib-border landscape. The drive takes you across undulating hills, through steep gorges and wild, rocky areas displaying weird geological formations. Through dry bush area with vegetation islands you move into desert region. The experienced driver will guide you in your game watching and explain the survival strategies applied in the desert border country.

The Rooiklip

ready for farm drive

4x4 drive you can drive the above-mentioned farm drive with your own car and on your own risk. The way is marked and need ca. 2 hours.

To have a closer lock at the walking trails on Rooiklip, please refer to the down load. Maps and printed Flyers are also available at the reception.

Maps to download:

Bee Trail

Leopard Trail

Quiver Tree Trail