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Frans van Biljon

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P.O. Box 40522, Windhoek/Namibia

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Camp Flintstone

(3 Chalets with 8 beds and selfcatering)

The new "Camp Flintstone" is our Selfcatering Camp. The guests are living in the houses, prepare her meal in the big Lapa and sit on a big round table. The same as the Felsen Camp is Camp Flintstone build directly on the rocks only with stones from this area. Nothing is sparkling and disturbed the guests on Felsen Camp. Hot water would be prepared on the same procedure as early family Flintstone, with wood and a donkie!
On the months of March and April it is "Research Camp TUM" Technican University Munich

Barney (left) Fred (middle) und Wilma (right)

House Wilma (2 beds)

House Fred (2 beds)

House Barney (4 beds)